advait-picMBA in Communication Management & MFA in Creative Writing. Writing Teacher & Student. Online Entrepreneur & Agency Employee. Writer-for-Hire & Literary Magazine Editor. Over the past decade, I have played many roles as a communicator.
With business owners via Skype, sleepy teens in an 8 a.m class, long-dead writers, and my novel’s protagonists. Often in the same day.
It’s all worth it. Because 

all the ands add up. 

I can make creative connections between the worlds of business strategy & human story:
Like crafting content for a children’s app in Denmark in the voice of H.C. Andersen’s Fairy Tales
& designing a tour of an Asian data center inspired by Mission: Impossible 
& launching an organic milk service with a catchy song written in rhyming couplets,
& teaching a ‘Business Writing’ class where students present solutions to real-world businesses,
& publishing photo-essays and poetry, alongside persuasive campaigns.
While pursuing my MFA at Rutgers, I consulted businesses in Asia and Europe, and served as Managing Editor at Cooper Street Journal.
I graduated this summer, and am now looking for a full-time position that will be able to make the most of my skills. 
My dream workplace is one where my colleagues love what they do, multi-disciplinary teams are the norm, and success metrics are second nature.
(Even one out of three would be a good start!)
Or, instead, but, versus… evaluation via comparison. 
Choices are hard. I don’t envy you. 
On the seas of specialization, let me offer you a big