My Process

I solve business challenges through strategy and storytelling. While I am domain-agnostic, I use the process below— adapted from IDEO’s Human-Centered Design principles — on end-to-end projects. I also consult  with companies or agencies in specific functions like user research, business strategy, branding, or copywriting. 

1. HEAR                                                 ⤳ 

2. CREATE                                             ⤳


Engage stakeholders  Find key insight(s) and themes Plan pipeline of deliverables 
Define challenge and opportunity*  Frame proposal with prototypes  Define or work with guidelines 
Set success metrics  Create project flow  Manage creative flow and quality# 
User and category research  Identify design partners^ Oversee implementation
Best practices analysis                                       ⤴  Write content and make ideas real                 ⤴ Monitor outcomes and optimize
* In human and business terms (instead of
   product, service, or technology needs),
   to tap unexpected opportunities 
^ I’m equally at ease working on-site 
   or remotely, in a team or as a freelancer

# I’m hands-on with the creative process,
   and proficient with Adobe InDesign,
   Photoshop and Dreamweaver

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